Monday, February 18, 2013

UDL Book Builder

I was introduced to this Web 2.0 tool in my Adaptive/Assistive Technology course. This is an awesome site where the teacher and/or students can create their own book. What makes Book Builder unique is that it is designed to support students with different learning needs. You can create your own book and publish to the site or you can read books that other users have created.

In order to start creating and sharing your own book ideas, you must create an account, which is free. It allows for differentiation and meets the diverse learning needs of all students. Teachers can create a book for the entire class or for individual students. The students can also create books as part of a project or to reinforce the skill that has been taught.

I like all the different links on the homepage that provide assistance, in addition to creating your own books and looking at the books of others. You can view videos to learn more about Universal Design for Learning (UDL), there is a link for tips and resources, and you can also connect with others. When you want to look at model books that others have created, you can filter your search results to find a book that is specific to what you are looking for.

Here is a screen shot of a model book that I found on the site:

Each book has a lot of good features to enhace the story and lesson. There are "text help" tools that help to read the story aloud and even translate parts into Spanish. You can choose to have the story read to you, if you want. There are also tips that come up along side the story pages which differ for each page. Most of the tips I found for this specific story was about how to use this story to teach specific skills and extension activities. There are also "helpers" at the bottom of the screen that helps readers through the story. You can name them what you want or you don't have to use them at all.

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  1. I really liked the Book Builder Web 2.0 tool, in that it would read the book to the students. This would be great for my inclusion classroom in which students need verbatim reading for tests. Instead of having to be pulled out of the classroom to be read to, I could create the text for them in book builder (as easy as copying and pasting it) and they could just pop in some headphones and listen. Love it!