Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Builder in the Classroom

There are many ways to use Book Builder in my classroom. It is a simple tool to use and is awesome because it meets the needs of all the diverse learners in my classroom. I can make a story for any topic I want or can search and use a book that has already been made and published. The fact that it can be read to students will help my lower readers and the extension tips will help my higher readers. I can also differentiate the stories by having the lower readers listen to it and my higher readers can read it themselves.

I can use these stories to provide a more fun way to present different skills. Not only can it be used for individual students, but also for my class as a whole. My students could also use this site to create their own stories.

Based on all the different tools within this site, Book Builder can be used to cover any skill I need to teach and I can also use it for reinforcement for those students who had a hard time with the skill the first time. Creating books using this site focuses on Garder's multiple intelligences. I can adapt these stories any way I need to in order for all my students to be successful. Every child learns in their own way and Book Builder helps with that in a positive and fun way.

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